Research Topics

Spacecraft Navigation

Spacecraft Navigation involves the determination of a spacecraft's position, and attitude at a given time. There are a number of different ways of accomplishing this including angle measurements to stars or planets or using GPS. 

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Space Situational Awareness

Space situational awareness (SSA) is the is the on-going effort to understand the environment of space so as to be able to protect space assets. This involves first finding and tracking different objects, then using information about the object to characterize its behavior, once there is sufficient information on a given object it is possible to then assess the object for damage potential and then take action.


Here at Utah State University, we perform research to help benefit the SSA community. Thus far, we have performed work that aids in the detecting and tracking of resident space objects (RSOs) as well as work on characterizing an object once it has been viewed. Additionally, we maintain the Utah State University Space Telescope for Astrodynamics Research (USU-STAR) to observe and help catalog RSOs. Check out the links below to find out more about some of the work that we have done.

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Spacecraft Guidance

Spacecraft guidance is the determining the trajectory or path that a spacecraft should follow.