Relevant Coursework

Utah State University offers a number of course related to Aerospace Engineering. The following course list are many of the courses that are related to the research performed in this lab. It is recommended that if you are interested in this type of work that you take at least one class from each category.

Stochastic Processes

ECE 7030 Detection and Estimation Theory

MAE/ECE 6560 Spacecraft Navigation

MAE 7560 Advanced Estimation for Aerospace systems

MAE 7570 Monte Carlo and Linear Covariance

ECE 6010 Stochastic Processes in  Electronic Systems


MAE/ECE 5320 Mechatronics

MAE/ECE 6340 Spacecraft Attitude Control Theory

MAE/ECE 6345 Spacecraft Attitude Control Application

MAE/ECE 6320 Linear Multi-Variable Control

MAE/ECE 7330 Nonlinear and Adaptive Controls

MAE/ECE 5310 Dynamic Systems and Controls


MAE 6570 Optimal Spacecraft Guidance

ECE 6040 Convex optimization


PHYS 6010 Classical Mechanics

MAE 6540 Advanced Astrodynamics

MAE 7540 Advanced Astrodynamics Techniques and Applications

MAE 5560 Dynamics of Spaceflight

MAE 6180 Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations