MS Students

Iggy Matheson


BS Brigham Young Univ


Aerospace Engineering

Before graduating from BYU in 2016, Iggy Matheson was involved with projects such as a CubeSat design team, a school-sponsored rocket contest, and a national space systems design competition.  His senior design project, which involved composites manufacturing technology, has a pending Boeing patent.  As a freshman, he operated a USU-designed boiling experiment aboard a NASA microgravity research aircraft.  His master's research examines orbit determination uncertainty for the Breakthrough Starshot laser sail interstellar probe concept.



National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Publications and Presentations

Sant 214A

I. Matheson. "Report for 2011 URCO Funded Experiment: Video Measurements of Micrometer-Scale Vapor Bubble Jets in Microgravity."
USU Digital Commons, July 2011.

I. Matheson. "MATLAB Implementation of a First-Order Compressor Sizing Tool."  UTSR Workshop, Blacksburg VA, November 2016.

University Turbine Systems Research Gas Turbine Industrial Fellowship


M.P. Walton, I. Matheson, T. Hinckley, T. Peterson.  
"Astrovo 1: A Spherical Imaging CubeSat Prototype."  
AIAA Region VI Student Conference, Reno NV, March 2015.

R.J. Martineau, L. Hillyard, I. Matheson, J.R. Dennison, H. Ban.

"Development of Optimal Bubble-Seeding Microheaters and Video System to Study Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer in Microgravity."  

USU Student Showcase, Logan UT, March 2011.


BYU undergraduate research grant


USU undergraduate research grant